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ISBN: 9781786825803
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Young Vic Taking Part Collection 1

Three Plays by Luke Barnes

Luke Barnes

Paperback (23 Jul 2018)

A collection of three plays for the Young Vic's participation programme Taking Part, written by award-winning playwright Luke Barnes:

Men in Blue, Fable, The Jumper Factory

'This is a collection of plays written with and for people who wouldn’t identify themselves as theatre-makers. The gesture of these plays is to give platform to people who aren’t heard in the hope that anyone who sees, reads, or does these plays will either be shaped by the experiences of lives removed from their own or feel less alone in hearing stories of peoples like them. This is not a celebration of writing. This is a celebration of human resilience and the practice of using Theatre as amplifier for giving voice to those unable to speak.'
Luke Barnes

Everyone has a story to tell… Listening to those stories told with all the deep power of the human heart, we all add hugely to our own experience of what it means to be living today... Nothing matters more.
David Lan, from his Introduction

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ISBN13 9781786825803
Binding Paperback
Page Extent 128