Page extent: 104
ISBN: 9781840023473
Binding: PaperBack

Yo! Picasso! Beside Picasso

Brian McAvera

PaperBack (03 Oct 2002)
From poverty-sticken youth in Barcelona to international success as leading players in the artistic avant garde Pablo Picasso and Jaime Sabartes lived through much together. But now is the time of reckoning...
It is 1973. Picasso has just died. Sabartes is in some strange limbo - and Picasso joins him. However Sabartes is no longer the oppressed doormat he once was. He starts to take Picasso apart...

This verbally venemous, effervescent play is an often hilarious exploration of power, friendship, sex, money and the nature of genius. Picasso and Sabartes are like boxers in a ring, pitted in a ruthless contest to discover 'the truth'. They reminisce, argue and resurrect the triumphs, escapades and characters from their extraordinary lives. Gradually they edge closer to the ultimate truth, the ultimate quarrel, and the ultimate betrayal...

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ISBN13 9781840023473
Binding PaperBack
Page Extent 104


"Dynamic." The Independent

"A theatrical tour de force" The Scotsman

"Tightly written...engrossing...go and see this gem" Edinburgh

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