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The Yiddish Queen Lear / Woman in the Moon

Julia Pascal

PaperBack (21 Oct 2001)

The Yiddish Queen Lear

New York in the late 1930s: a once-famous Yiddish actress gives her theatre business over to her three daughters. The Yiddish Queen Lear is a story of love, infedelity, betrayal and exile, which examines the moment when Jewish East European and American cultures mix, on the eve of the Holocaust. Both a free reworking of Shakespeare’s King Lear and a homage to the lost world of Yiddish theatre, The Yiddish Queen Lear is a vibrant, funny and tragic study of the clashes and connections between two very different worlds.

"This play is an affecting and electic treat." Evening Standard (The Yiddish Queen Lear)

Woman In The Moon

Set in the United States, England and Germany, between 1920 and 2001, Woman In The Moon is a dream play inspired by both the legend of Faust and the testimonies of French, Austrian and German survivors from Camp Dora. It explores the connections between the US space programme, the V1 and V2 bombers, and the slave labour in the Third Reich.

"Brave, intelligent and desperately moving." The Guardian (Woman In The Moon)

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ISBN13 9781840022537
Binding PaperBack
Page Extent 104


"A very fine theatrical event." - Jewish Chronicle