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Philip Osment


What happens when you're in a hole? What happens when that hole's inside you? What do you do you fill it with to make yourself feel whole?

Last year, 3 teenagers emailed the 20 Stories High Theatre Company to ask them if they could make a play about their friend Holly. This is how it unravelled…

3 teenagers: …So that’s our story and we really want to tell it... and we want to act in it as well, and play ourselves… cos actors wouldn’t really be as convincing as us…

  20 Stories High: It’s a very moving story… but we’re really busy at the moment and also, to be honest, you’re not really actors.

3 teenagers: But we really want to tell our story… it says on your website that “Everybody has a story to tell… and their own way of telling it…”

20 Stories High: …well, come back in a year, when we’re less busy, and let’s talk…

One Year Later… We made the play with them… WHOLE

Winner of the Writers' Guild Award for Theatre Play for Young People 2013.

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ISBN13 9781849434454
Binding PaperBack
Page Extent 96



‘a remarkable piece of startlingly good theatre. See it if you possibly can.’ – The Stage