Page extent: 88
ISBN: 9781783194971
Binding: PaperBack

What Falls Apart

Torben Betts

PaperBack (22 Apr 2015)

May 2015: The most important General Election for a generation. All is not well for Tom Savage, an ex-Labour minister parachuted into a safe North East constituency, trying to win hearts and minds as well as an Election. Wrestling with a heady cocktail of mid-life crisis, growing dependency on alcohol and the consequences of his Government’s policies in Iraq, Tom finds himself in a Tyneside hotel bar at midnight with a newly teetotal barman and a ‘criminally attractive’ woman. What could possibly go wrong? Plenty…

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ISBN13 9781783194971
Binding PaperBack
Page Extent 88


'An uncommonly talented playwright…Brilliant and testing.' Time Out

'I was reminded of both Tom Stoppard and George Bernard Shaw, partly in the interplay between character and ideas but also in the demands Betts makes on his audience, in the intellectual rigour of the writing and his ability to look afresh at at hackneyed topics...the stunned silence as the lights went down at the end and the seemingly interminable pause before the enthusiastic applause broke out say it all.' British Theatre Guide

'Into three characters Betts decants all the pent up fear, guilt, paranoia and physical and emotional damage which can be laid at the feet of politicians for their foreign policy decisions over the last 15 years...A serious play about politics is welcome, a ruckus in a hotel bedroom an invigorating antidote to the stage-managed confrontations of a TV election debate.' The Journal

'Betts has a knack for exposing the characters’ self-loathing...a valuable addition to the raft of plays inspired by the election.' Guardian