ISBN: 9781840028898
Binding: PaperBack

Wesker's Social Plays

Arnold Wesker

PaperBack (01 May 2009)

Includes the plays The Kitchen, The Rocking Horse Kid, Denial and When God Wanted a Son

This volume of Oberon Books' Wesker series includes the author’s most performed work The Kitchen (1957) produced in sixty cities from Rio de Janeiro to Tokyo, from Paris to Moscow, from Montreal to Zurich.

This volume also contains Wesker’s latest play The Rocking Horse Kid, about a black boy who wants to go round the world on a horse; the magical play for children Voices on the Wind and one of his most controversial plays Denial about ‘the false memory syndrome’ declared by an irate French critic of the Paris production ‘...a dangerous play. Wesker is a dangerous playwright.’

He has also been described as ‘a melancholy optimist’ as evidenced by another of the plays in this volume When God Wanted a Son which explores the possibility that anti-Semitism like stupidity is in the bloodstream of human nature and here to stay. Few playwrights dare be as politically incorrect as Wesker.

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ISBN13 9781840028898
Binding PaperBack