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ISBN: 9781840025439
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War Trilogy

Iain Landles

PaperBack (25 Mar 2005)

Includes the plays The Siege, Angel of Mons and Berezina

The Siege is set in 1565, as the Knights of St John protect Malta from the Turkish onslaught. In the chaos of war, dogmatic leadership falls prey to religious ecstasy, purity is fouled by desire, and the idle rich play games of debauched manipulation . A brutally poetic exploration of extremity.
In The Angel of Mons, amidst the slaughter-strewn battlefields of The Great War, Man recreates the world in his own image. Gabriel falls to earth, but his message of hope is lost in the mud-stenched chaos.
Set during Napoleon's infamous retreat from Moscow, Berezina charts the misery and horror of one of the worst military disasters in history. Acts of violence, greed, sexual perversion, and cannibalism abound, yet ultimately the play focuses on the redemptive power of love.

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ISBN13 9781840025439
Binding PaperBack
Page Extent 216