Page extent: 96
ISBN: 9781783198931
Binding: PaperBack

Violence and Son

Gary Owen

PaperBack (03 Jun 2015)

‘People know, you’re my boy. And they know better than to lay a fucking finger on you. See? You are safer here with me, than you have ever been.’

Liam’s 17 years old, loves Dr Who and has lost his mum. He has had to move from London to Wales, to the valleys, to the middle of nowhere, to live with a dad he doesn’t know. Whose nickname isn’t Violence for nothing.

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ISBN13 9781783198931
Binding PaperBack
Page Extent 96


'Gary Owen's play is...sharply observed, often moving and, initially, very funny...the interplay between father and son is particularly well handled, their verbal (and physical) sparring laced with more complex emotions...Owen is astute about the way one generation of men can stain the next, how these things can seep down.' The Stage ★★★★

'Resurgent Welsh playwright Gary Owen has a knack for getting inside the heads of troubled teens...Now he excels himself...the finesse of Owen’s writing ably ranges from the local to the universal...Every teenager – and every recovering ex-teenager – should see this.' Telegraph ★★★★

'Gary Owen has written a seriously good play, set in small-town south Wales, about violence, love and loss... What is especially good about the play is its downright condemnation of a bullying male ethos and its acknowledgment that domestic violence has its own complexities... a fine play.' The Guardian