Page extent: 96
ISBN: 9781786823021
Binding: Paperback

Venus in Fur

David Ives

Paperback (06 Oct 2017)

Enigmatic actress Vanda Jordan appears unannounced for an audition with director Thomas Novachek. She’s determined to land the leading role in his new production – despite seeming wrong for the part. 

Venus in Fur is an intoxicating dark comedy of desire, fantasy and the innate love of fur. An exploration of gender roles and sexuality, in which desire twists and turns in on itself, Venus in Fur is also a witty, unsettling look at the art of acting—onstage and off.

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ISBN13 9781786823021
Binding Paperback
Page Extent 96


'An exciting and captivating journey into the psychology of powerplay and dominance... a captivating tug-o- war with self-respect, power and authority at stake... Simply put, this production is riveting from the moment it sets out... A 90-minute sprint, there is little time to settle into the production. No sooner do you find a rhythm or sense of structure, you are jolted back to attention by a shift in power or a game-changing exchange. As a result, the production is extraordinarily engaging and maintains a sense of tension throughout, relieved at regular intervals with impeccably timed humour.' London Theatre 1 ★★★★★


' it is an excellent piece of writing whose simple concept is made more complex thanks to the play-within-a-play idea, and intrigues further as the characters switch roles. It is a study of domination and power that's darkly comic and dangerously compelling... the play flies by - it's gripping from start to finish, and is one that will make you think, gasp and laugh out loud. It is one of those magical moments in theatre where every single aspect of the production, even the timing of its run, come together to make something completely unmissable.' Broadway World ★★★★★

'There are lashings of enjoyable comedy early on... It’s impressive to see the actors contending with dives between American and English/Mittel-European accents, role-swapping and even gender-switching' Telegraph