ISBN: 9781783191475
Binding: PaperBack


Daniel Macdonald


‘Everyone falls at the same rate. Isn’t that amazing? Everyone. Everything. A fat man. A little baby. A brick, a piece of paper, a penny. Amazing. Once acceleration gets a hold of you velocity just goes all fuckin’ nuts.’

Dot doesn't hate her father, she just wants to explode him out of his office tower to shake things up. Set him off. See what happens. And get an "A" on her science project...Daring to challenge the law of physics, Dot interviews her flailing father and neurotic mother, as their world crashes to the ground. Just imagine. Your life in six seconds.

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ISBN13 9781783191475
Binding PaperBack


‘Velocity is an intelligent, clever and relevant piece of modern theatre. More from Daniel Macdonald, please.’ – What’s On Stage

‘Daniel Macdonald flouts the laws of theatre, of polite society, of time and space and maybe even of physics in creating a new kind of teen angst tragicomedy.’  - Saskatoon Star Phoenix

‘Macdonald is developing a reputation for doing the unexpected.’  - Regina Leader Post

‘Macdonald’s writing pulls our subconsciousness back to the inevitable adolescent idiosyncrasies that we’ve all felt when trying to work out where we fit, who we are, and what we feel about people….an intricate and innovative high that theatre-goers should definitely experience – a fresh breath of air that we are all far too familiar with, if we let go for long enough!’ – Younger Theatre

‘Macdonald has a great ear for the language that is the preserve of the next rising generation.’ – Public Reviews

‘Interesting, engaging.’ – Everything Theatre