Yasmine Van Wilt

Yasmine is an award-winning writer, singer-songwriter, performance artist and academic. She is a Mellon Post-Doctoral Research Fellow and a Fellow of the Royal Society of the Arts. She holds a Ph.D. in Creative Writing from Newcastle University. She was a Women’s International Playwright in 2012 and 2015. Under her musical personas “Elle A” and “Van Wild” she has reached Top 40 music charts in the UK and US and has forthcoming collaborative releases with multi-platinum duo The Bellamy Brothers. She was an Overseas Research Scholar, a Newcastle University International Scholar, a Soho Theatre Young Writer,  and a Disney Dreamer and Doer.  She is an Ambassador to Greenpeace Canada Climate March and the Change Direction organization. She was an original signatory of the “fossil fuel” pledge. 

ISBN: van-wilt

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