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ISBN: 9781849430883
Binding: PaperBack

The Vampire Trilogy

David Pinner

PaperBack (07 Apr 2011)

Includes the plays Fanghorn, Edred, the Vampire and Lucifer's Fair

Fanghorn is a darkly-surrealistic comedy, which pokes fun at the Theatre of Cruelty. Fanghorn is a lesbian vampire, who invades the household of Joseph King, who may, or may not, be the First Secretary to the Minister of Defence, and hilarious emasculation and murderous mayhem follow in her wake. Edred, the Vampyre is a thousand-year-old Anglo-Saxon bisexual vampire, who slept with Shakespeare, but never bit him. Breaking all Bram Stoker’s vampire laws, Edred loves garlic and crucifixes, so he lives in the village church where he is confronted by two students who Googled him. But soon the students wish they hadn’t.

Lucifer’s Fair is the family Hallowe’en musical play, about a fair run by the Devil to entrap unwary children. Lucifer is aided by Fangs, who is a bovver boy by day, but an incompetent vampire by night. Simultaneously scary and funny, Lucifer’s Fair, with its comic spills, thrills and chills, highlights the unreliability of grownups, both the living and the undead.

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ISBN13 9781849430883
Binding PaperBack
Page Extent 225


"If Ibsen, Genet and Agatha Christie had collaborated on a script of The Avengers, they might have given us something like Fanghorn. David Pinner’s wickedly funny play opens all the Freudian cupboards and lets the skeleton’s dance in a splendid parody of perversion." - The Scotsman

"Like Francis Bacon, Pinner deliberately dislocates his images, in his black comedy, so they disturb and illuminate. His vampiric Fanghorn is filled with pungent and very funny dialogue." - The Guardian

".Expect thrills and horror. The images and scenes are vivid, but the dialogue is often very funny, too." " - What's On Stage

"deliciously macabre treats" - Buzz magazine