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ISBN: 9781783191727
Binding: PaperBack

Upper Cut

Juliet Gilkes Romero

PaperBack (13 Jan 2015)

'Seventy percent of my constituents are white, Karen. I have to be a politician, who "happens" to be black. Not a black man who "happens" to be a politician.'

Karen loves politics. She's a rising star but on the eve of a general election she risks her career and reputation on a bitter and contentious fight over whether to allow short lists for black Parliamentary candidates.

Deselected by her party, and betrayed by the men she loves, Karen must embark on a relentless road to power and political redemption.

Provocative and raw, Upper Cut unravels the fight for diversity and black representation through today's coalition politics, the hope and rebirth of New Labour and delves into the troubled heart of a Labour party struggling under the might of Thatcher's Tory revolution. Upper Cut is inspired by true political events.


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ISBN13 9781783191727
Binding PaperBack
Page Extent 96


‘Romero makes you think hard about whether the electoral shortlists reflect modern, multicultural Britain.’ – The Guardian

 ‘Playwright Juliet Gilkes Romero addresses important political issues with humour and a light touch... Upper Cut is an engaging but accessible play that doesn’t back down from asking the difficult questions. Highly recommended for everyone who prefers their political drama to take place in an actual theatre.’ – Everything Theatre