Page extent: 72
ISBN: 9781786823984
Binding: Paperback


Frankie Meredith

Paperback (01 Dec 2017)

Madeline wants a baby, so a baby she will have. It doesn’t matter that she is in a relationship with a woman, or that they can’t afford the high private clinic fees, she’ll go about getting this child whichever way she can. Together with her partner, the selfless, kind, stable Toni, the two women explore all the options available to them, but when Madeline gets excited about one possibility in particular alarm bells are raised for Toni.

Now the Nuclear Family is no longer considered the norm, how far can Madeline go to get the baby she so desires? And does it really matter who she has this baby with? People are manipulated, games are played and hearts ultimately shattered in this tale of one woman’s longing for a child.

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ISBN13 9781786823984
Binding Paperback
Page Extent 72