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Trash Cuisine & Minsk 2011

Belarus Free Theatre

PaperBack (01 May 2013)

Trash Cuisine is winner of the Impatto Totale Award 2013 at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, 2013.

Trash Cuisine:

  • Nicolai Khalezin and Natalia Kaliada 
  • Devised by Belarus Free Theatre

Banned from performing in their own country, Belarus Free Theatre serve up food, music, dance and Shakespeare as they share true stories from inmates, executioners, human rights lawyers and families of the executed. This provocative and urgent play pierces the imagination with moments of the darkest humour as it challenges capital punishment in our contemporary world, where 95 countries still carry out the death penalty.

Minsk 2011 (A Reply to Kathy Acker):

  • Devised and written by Belarus Free Theatre
  • Dramaturgy by Vladimir Shcherban

If scars are sexy, Minsk must be the sexiest city in the world...Strip clubs, underground raves and gay pride parades pulse beneath the surface of a city, where sexuality is twisted by oppression. A love letter to a home that exiles those willing to fight for it, Minsk, 2011 celebrates and mourns a land that has lost its way. ...

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ISBN13 9781783190171
Binding PaperBack
Page Extent 72



‘Polemic, however, is not the method of Belarus Free Theatre. As anyone who saw Being Harold Pinter will know, they make their points through an exuberant inventiveness…remarkable.’ Michael Billington, Guardian

 ‘…beautiful and brutal... Like many of the richest momentsin theater, this one involves very simple elements: black ink, a long roll of brown paper and a naked woman.’ Ben Brantley, New York Times

‘Compelling, horrific and, in its delicate balance of the sweet and distastefully sour, quite wonderful.’ Londonist 

‘A truly stunning and engaging piece of powerful, emotive political theatre that fires the soul.’ One Stop Arts