Page extent: 63
ISBN: 9781849430159
Binding: PaperBack

Total Football

David Woods, Johnathan Haynes

PaperBack (18 May 2011)

Football systems, changing room banter and a couple of mops solve the big questions of life – immortality, happiness and why England always lose, in a new play tackling the beautiful game.

After several years of embedded research in the football darklands, a failed attempt to create a UK football team for the 2012 games and pathetic efforts at understanding the offside rule, Ridiculusmus is patching up its metatarsals to examine the melting pot of what it means to be British today.

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ISBN13 9781849430159
Binding PaperBack
Page Extent 63


“a riff on the emptiness of official efforts to codify belonging, kinship or contentment… they score highly on humour, unpredictability and fluid stagecraft.."
The Guardian

“Rich in gags, Total Football's 70-minute length pulses with symbolism, subtext and questions about national identity. This post-match analysis can only scratch the surface, I fear, but the play's principal suggestion is that talking about football gives English middle-class men something to say to each other, at least. It's an amusing conclusion; typically, though, Ridiculusmus formulate it not as a fond observation on English eccentricity, but an unsettling home truth.”
4 stars – Time Out