Page extent: 200
ISBN: 9781786820297
Binding: PaperBack

Tips For Actors

Fergus Craig

PaperBack (01 Oct 2016) Pre-order

The perfect humorous gift book for students, actors and anyone interested in theatre, with a foreword by Ellen Page, star of Inception, Juno and X-Men.

Parody twitter account @tips4actors, which now has over 42,000 followers, was established in 2012. Each tweet is a piece of terrible, often pompous advice….

The account now has followers from 40 countries around the world, many of whom are famous actors... Jeff Daniels, Chris O’Dowd, Anna Kendrick, David Walliams, Paddy Considine, Alan Cumming, Ellen Page.

Inspired by these pearls of wisdom, this is a book that will tap into the acting world’s proud ability to laugh at itself – and the rest of the world’s ability to laugh at, if not with, them.




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ISBN13 9781786820297
Binding PaperBack
Page Extent 200


'A very, very funny book' Chris O'Dowd

‘What sort of person would be an actor? What kind of tragic empty husk of a human being would rely on pretending to be someone they’re not for the amusement of strangers? Find out inside!' Al Murray
'If only I had read this when I was 19 I could have saved myself 3 years at RADA!'  David Morrissey