Page extent: 88
ISBN: 9781786824776
Binding: Paperback
Female Cast: 3

Three Sisters

Anton Chekhov, RashDash

Paperback (22 May 2018)

RashDash take on Chekhov in this reimagining of the classic play that brings the women to the forefront.


How should I make the most of being alive in this moment? How should I try to enjoy life whilst also being a good person who makes space for a better future? What is love and where do I find it?

Why do the men in this play have all the lines?

Sisters Olga, Masha and Irena. A drawing room.

A dead, white man. A classic play.

What are you expecting?

Additional Information

ISBN13 9781786824776
Female cast 3
Binding Paperback
Page Extent 88


"A punky, funny, furious takedown of the cult of the classic... the piece never denies that Chekhov still speaks to us, it also questions its existence... loud, rude, provocative and, yes, messy — that’s all part of its glorious defiance. Don’t go expecting the pretty, predictable or polite. But do go." The Times ★★★★

"A gloriously playful evening, stuffed with musical richness. If you know the original you will note how the company both honour its structure and smash it...  it understands that each generation must take what they need from a play and that it must speak not to the past but to the millions of Olgas, Irinas and Mashas of today. Otherwise, why bother?" Guardian ★★★★

"Less a take on the play than a music and movement-fuelled examination of why plays like this continue to be staged... some of the basic features of Chekhov’s play remain, but RashDash push at its edges and mess with its mechanics... RashDash incisively skewers the privileged ennui of Chekhov’s characters and the limited horizons the playwright imagined for his female protagonists. If the classics aren’t for everyone, RashDash ask, then what are they for?" The Stage ★★★★