Page extent: 120
ISBN: 9781786820938
Binding: PaperBack

Thebes Land

PaperBack (30 Nov 2016)

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How could anyone kill their own father? One of the rarest and most shocking crimes known to man is interrogated in this daring new play, with the on-stage participation of convicted patricide Martin Santos.

Translated from the original Spanish, an electrifying tale about retribution and justice, love and masculinity.


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ISBN13 9781786820938
Binding PaperBack
Page Extent 120


'We remain obsessed by true crime... Thebes Land takes aim at the form and shows - bit by bit, drip drip drip - how art gets in the way of the truth. It corrodes and mutates reality. It manipulates and corrupts... What a sharp, satisfying watch this is – a play that runs rings around its audience; riddles us like the Sphinx did Oedipus. Scene by scene, it slips out of reach. Fiction slides into fiction, rehearsals corkscrew into ‘reality,' and come the end, nothing's solid. Blanco does for documentary art what Dennis Kelly's Taking Care of Baby did for verbatim work...In our post-fact world, of liberal elites and press pens, Thebes Land is all the more chilling.' Matt Trueman, What's On Stage ★★★★

'as an investigation into manipulative storytelling and the limits of artistic license, it's utterly compelling... Far from a festive crowd-pleaser perhaps, but this morbidly fascinating, delectably sophisticated two-hander is a rare treat nonetheless. Two and a half hours fly by.' The Stage ★★★★