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ISBN: 9781849430630
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Theatre Uncut: A Response to the Countrywide Spending Cuts

David Greig, Dennis Kelly, Clara Brennan, Lucy Kirkwood, Laura Lomas, David Greig, Anders Lustgarten, Jack Thorne, Mark Ravenhill

PaperBack (31 May 2011)

Across the UK thousands of people are involved in protests and debates, sparked into action by the largest cuts to publicspending since WWII – cuts which are the turning point of a generation, undermining the welfare state, higher education and the arts in one fell swoop. Theatre Uncut is a national theatre event in response to these cuts, bringing together some of the UK’s leading dramatists.

Drama groups, universities, youth clubs and theatre companies nationwide joined the event, staging their own versions of the shorts in a national theatrical uprising. Now published in this new collection, Theatre Uncut contains these short plays, addressing audiences who want to think about what the budget cuts really mean, and who they are really hitting. A debate is underway. Protest might begin, minds might be changed, views challenged, ideas formed. Theatre Uncut is a response to a situation that we cannot control, and over which we had no say.

Click below to hear an interview with Libby Brodie and Hannah Price of Theatre Uncut:

Theatre Uncut revives the drama of protest

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ISBN13 9781849430630
Binding PaperBack
Page Extent 114


'Aesthetically… the pieces are varied in tone and approach. Succinct and stirring.' – Sarah Hemming, Financial Times

"Theatre with a political message that is well-written, well-acted, well-produced and engaging beyond its message, is a rare thing indeed. But that is what we found at the Soho Theatre with Theatre Uncut....unmissable" - Beat Magazine

"'The plays may be short, but there are no duds and several have real force. If, during the 1980s, playwrights often seemed silenced by Thatcherite cuts, this new generation are finding their voice and channelling their anger… These plays may be bite-sized, but they bite back." – Lyn Gardner, The Guardian

"It would be nice to feel that members of the coalition government would take the time to read this short book. The experience could change not only their own lives but those of so many of their constituents." - British Theatre Guide