Page extent: 112
ISBN: 9781840028768
Binding: HardBack

Theatre and the Mind

Mick Gordon

HardBack (02 Oct 2008)

In this collection of seven provocative essays, acclaimed theatre director and playwright Mick Gordon argues that the theatre represents a physical corollary of the invisible workings of our minds.

In this publication the award-winning Gordon draws upon his five years experience working with leading neurologists and cognitive psychologists, a period during which he produced two plays exploring the neurological basis of identity and emotion. Gordon contends that the narratives and archetypes common to the theatre reflect the hidden paradigms of our minds, and that theatrical exploration echos our subconscious urge for morality.

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ISBN13 9781840028768
Binding HardBack
Page Extent 112


"Mick Gordon lays bare the mysteries of the mind." The Telegraph

"Introduces completely new thinking into the field... Mick Gordon has the ability to convey new ideas clearly and relate them to familiar aspects of theatre today. In doing so, he has written a book that should really be required reading for playwrights and directors, since it will help them to create better works or, to be more exact, those that will hardwire themselves into viewers' minds." British Theatre Guide

“a short but lively book… a lucid and provocative view of both the theatre and the mind…” – British Wittgenstein Society.