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The Walls

Colin Teevan

PaperBack (05 Apr 2001)
Dublin. The night before Christmas and Mrs and Mrs Walls are preparing for the arrival of their son Joseph and his new bride, Mary, from London. "George Bernard Shaw wrote: ‘I have not yet found real homes except in very stupid families to whom a house is a world.’ The tragedy was when, as in his own family - or Stella’s in The Walls - intelligent people attempt to make a house their world. Shaw turned his own childhood tragedy into comedy but the comedy retained - as does Colin Teevan’s - sharp pathos of emotions and ambitions thwarted and lonely lives unfulfilled" (Clare Boylan)

The Walls was premiered as part of the RNT’s Springboards season, 2001.

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ISBN13 9781840021530
Binding PaperBack
Page Extent 72