Page extent: 96
ISBN: 9781786821157
Binding: PaperBack

The Story of 'M'


PaperBack (19 Jan 2017)

The Story of M is a solo performance that integrates visual projections and poetic language to portray autobiographical stories of racism, poverty and sacrifice. While sitting in a white screened hospital ward and as slides of family photographs flash all around her, SuAndi travels from the multi-racial Liverpool of the 1920s to life in Britain in the mid-nineties.

Commissioned by the Institute for Contemporary Arts in 1995, The Story of M has received great critical acclaim in both the United States and Great Britain. The Story of M is SuAndi's moving tribute to the life and death of her mother who raised her children in the face of frequent racism 1960s but never let them forget they were of African descent and to be proud of their heritages.

The Story of 'M' is on the new A-levels English Literature syllabus - with a Black British list – offered by EdExcel Examination Board (2017).

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ISBN13 9781786821157
Binding PaperBack
Page Extent 96


Audience reaction:

'Read the book last night. Made me tearful but also laugh.  Left me thinking if some of the women that had children to black men possessed an innate humour which helped them survive the shit they were dished. As my mother and her friends could be hilarious.' - DW.

'Just reread The Story of M again. Reading it again after the loss of my own mum, I'm in bloody bits. Your work speaks to my core. The part about washing the curtains set me off. My mum was obsessed with her clean curtains, her legacy has meant that my dad is changing and washing the nets regularly because he knew she would haunt him if he'd dared have grubby nets up in her house!  I never used to get why she was so obsessed with cleaning but I get it now. I'm glad she never gave anyone the satisfaction of calling her out on that at least.' - CC