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ISBN: 9781783190416
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The Secret Agent

Matthew Hurt, Theatre O, Joseph Conrad


Secret terror cells, political conspiracy, police bungling, state-sponsored bomb plots… This is London, 1896. Inspired by Joseph Conrad's classic novel, The Secret Agent is theatre O's heartbreaking and hilarious chronicle of passion, betrayal and terrorism. Set at a time of social upheaval and growing disparity between rich and poor, at the heart of this tale is a woman fighting to protect her young brother from exploitationand violence. In their trademark highly imaginative style, described by The New York Times as, "vivid, enlightening, inventive and compelling", music halland early cinema collide in theatre O's return to the stage after five years away

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ISBN13 9781783190416
Binding PaperBack
Page Extent 96



‘Matthew Hurt's script, created in collaboration with the company, is hard to fault. Absurdity, humour and pathos are blended in just the right measure’ Festmag 

‘This puppy-like character becomes embroiled in international espionage with unexpected consequences for all involved’ British Theatre Guide