ISBN: 9781783191550
Binding: PaperBack
Male Cast: 8 +
Female Cast: 5 +

The Saints

Luke Barnes


Kenny Glynn is the world’s biggest Saints fan and for twenty-five years he has been locked in a game of football against the world. On his 26th birthday the world steps up its game and Kenny Glynn faces the match of his life as he takes on women, money and status with the help of his mates, his family and the guiding spirit of Matt Le Tissier. Can they conquer all the things the world is throwing at them? Will Southampton ever win the FA cup again? And what can we learn from the icons we hold so dearly at the club?

The Saints, written by Luke Barnes and directed by one of British theatre's best directors Matthew Dunster, explores football in Southampton, the history of the club and how it has shaped our understanding of ourselves in the city.

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Additional Information

ISBN13 9781783191550
Female cast 5 +
Male cast 8 +
Binding PaperBack


'In turn funny and touching, the script takes on current themes relevant to urban societies – alcohol, drugs, porn culture, debt, austerity, disability, single-parent families, bereavement – and deals with them without much sensationalism, but as just the daily circumstances that the central character, Kenny Glynn, has to negotiate in his journey towards adulthood.' Four stars - The Public Reviews

'This is about the games, but it’s also about the experience of being a fan – the Saturday routine, the journey you go on, the mates you meet, the pubs you stop off at, the fanatics you walk past, the concession stands, and then this euphoric feeling as you come out into the stand, into the noise.' Independent

'An innovative, ground-breaking and brave captures the emotional highs and tortuous lows of being a football fan.' Southern Daily Echo