Page extent: 48
ISBN: 9781786825902
Binding: Paperback
Female Cast: 3

The Providence of Neighboring Bodies

Jean Ann Douglass

Paperback (03 Aug 2018)

An absurdist dark comedy on friendship and isolation from up-and-coming American playwright Jean Ann Douglass.

It’s an exciting day for Dora here in North Providence, Rhode Island. Today is the day Dora is going to make coffee, go outside, and make friends with Ronnie. Ronnie lives in the apartment next door, her balcony just adjacent to Dora’s, both overlooking the parking lot and the weird hill across the street.

Ronnie isn’t sure how she wound up living in North Providence for all these years, but here they both are, where nothing exciting has really happened since the great beaver purge of the mid-20th century. That is, until Jane shows up at Ronnie’s door.

A dark comedy about beavers, beer, and balconies.

Additional Information

ISBN13 9781786825902
Female cast 3
Binding Paperback
Page Extent 48


"A quiet examination of the nature of exclusion and fear of the other is framed as deeply ironic comedy in Jean Ann Douglass’ surreal tale... there’s a real frisson to Douglass’ writing that speaks with great truth about the nature of loneliness... a very clever idea, nicely executed." The Stage