Page extent: 96
ISBN: 9781786825438
Binding: Paperback
Male Cast: 5 (1 boy)
Female Cast: 4

The Play about My Dad

Boo Killebrew

Paperback (27 Jun 2018)

 Playful, funny, and fiercely emotional, Killebrew’s acclaimed play explores what it means to be a father – or a daughter.


“Dad. Could you start? But, you know, like it’s you, just talking?”

It’s not easy putting on a play. It’s even harder when your dad is the lead character, he’s playing himself, and even though you’re the professional playwright and he’s the emergency surgeon, he keeps trying to rewrite your script. After Hurricane Katrina swept through her home town, Boo was determined to write a play about it. But she never imagined it would be this hard…

Additional Information

ISBN13 9781786825438
Female cast 4
Male cast 5 (1 boy)
Binding Paperback
Page Extent 96