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ISBN: 9781840028331
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The Mother Ship

Douglas Maxwell

PaperBack (01 Feb 2008)

Eliot is 18 and under severe stress. There's no girlfriend in sight, his best mate has stopped swearing and his pregnant step-mum is even more stressed than he is.... and then, having got the call from outer space to say that The Mother Ship is leaving and coming to take him home, his disabled brother Gerry disappears. And it's all Eliot's fault.
A riotous chase kicks off involving a love-lorn lifeguard, a policeman who believes in the existence of Klingons and a car that can turn into a boat.
The Mother Ship is a fantastically funny new adventure about what it means to be young, to be different, or just to believe in something beyond the ordinary.

The Mother Ship opened at the Birmingham Rep in February 2008 and was awarded the Brian Way Award for Best Play for Young People 2009.

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ISBN13 9781840028331
Binding PaperBack
Page Extent 96