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ISBN: 9781783197590
Binding: PaperBack

The Marriage Plays

Bathsheba Doran

PaperBack (02 May 2016)

The first collection of plays from Bathsheba Doran. Contains the plays Kin, Parents Evening and The Mystery of Love and Sex.

Kin: Anna, an Ivy League poetry scholar, and Sean, an Irish personal trainer, hardly seem destined for one another.  But as their web of disparate family and friends crosses great distances – both psychologically and geographically – an unlikely new family is forged.  Bathsheba Doran's play sheds a sharp light on the changing face of kinship in the expansive landscape of the modern world.

Parents Evening: It’s dusk. Mother and father are in their bedroom, dressing in preparation for Parents’ Evening at their only daughter’s primary school. During this rare opportunity to check in, the couple embarks on a volatile, passionate and surprising confrontation that challenges every one of their life choices. The play is a painfully witty, perceptive exploration of the landlines of parenting in modern marriage.

The Mystery of Love and Sex: Charlotte and Jonny definitely do love each other. But not that way. Or maybe that way. They’re in college and have been close friends since they were nine. They might be in love. They might be moving in together. They might be getting married. Or they might not. Also, Charlotte wonders if she might be gay. Or maybe bisexual. As does Jonny. So why are they turning their relationship romantic?

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ISBN13 9781783197590
Binding PaperBack
Page Extent 312


CRITICS' PICK! 'Simply terrific. Perhaps the finest new play of the season. Funny and audacious, haunting, and exquisitely wrought.' Charles Isherwood, New York Times

'Raucous comedy, poignant emotion — Kin does all that and more, establishing Bathsheba Doran as a major talent. The ensemble delivers vividly memorable performances. You’ll fall in love.' Frank Scheck, New York Post