ISBN: 9781840027792
Binding: HardBack

The Last Confession

Roger Crane

HardBack (31 Dec 1999)

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The Vatican, 1978: a little-known Cardinal from Venice is elected to succeed Pope Paul VI. A compromise candidate, he takes the name Pope John Paul I, and quickly shows himself to be the liberal the reactionaries within the Catholic Church most feared. Thirty-three days later he is dead. No official investigation is conducted, no autopsy is performed, and the Vatican's press release about the cause of death is found to be largely false.

Premiered at the Chichester Festival in April 2007 starring David Suchet, this gripping thriller goes behind the scenes at the Vatican, uncovering the bitter rivalries, the political manoeuvrings and the unspoken crises of faith that surrounded the death of 'the Smiling Pope'.

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ISBN13 9781840027792
Binding HardBack


‘The story of Roger Crane's debut is a fillip to all literary latecomers… From these facts, and the colourful array of theories about the circumstances of the pope's death, Crane has fashioned a gripping narrative in which… conservatives and reformers engage in a daily battle for the soul of the church’ Telegraph

‘Roger Crane explores this time period in Roman Catholic history with a keen eye for details and propelling fine dramatic exchanges… Crane does not spare any humour in The Last Confession… If religion is not your tea cup, then stay away! But there is enough humour and intellectual stimulation in Crane's writing to make The Last Confession worthy of a visit. You will be assuredly entertained and maybe even a bit provoked’ Broadway World

‘A priest with doubts, doubling as an amateur detective... The problem is in those around him… It will be fascinating to see whether The Last Confession becomes a popular success’ British Theatre Guide