Page extent: 48
ISBN: 9781786820648
Binding: PaperBack

The HIV Monologues

Patrick Cash

PaperBack (22 Oct 2016)

He’s just your type. But hold on. He’s about to tell you he’s got HIV.  How will you respond emotionally? Brush it aside and practise safe sex? Go on to a deeper relationship? Or do you walk away?

In these eloquently interwoven and often funny monologues Patrick Cash invites you to explore these emotions of living with a virus that attacks the emotions as well as the body.

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ISBN13 9781786820648
Binding PaperBack
Page Extent 48


'Hot on the heels of the extremely successful Chemsex Monologues , comes another masterful meditation from author Pat Cash... one of the finest pieces of work to date from one of our absolute favourite authors... The HIV Monologues is a piece that, while full of optimism, doesn’t shy away from the very real prejudices that are still aimed at HIV positive people to this very day. It’s educational and informative, but at the play’s centre are characters that walk off the page and straight into our hearts.' Gay Times ★★★★★

'Patrick Cash has penned a very real production that will send sparks to your neurons, pricking your nervous system: a trio of scenarios that are entwined together touching on the effects of HIV in the 80s up until the current day... A Thunder Looper of emotions: stigma, humour, shame and love – a challenging subject to cover – executed well.' The Gay UK ★★★★★

'The devastating impact of HIV has been explored a number of times before on stage...But none has taken this toxic subject by the short and curlies and really got under its skin in the way Patrick Cash has done here in HIV Monologues. Braver still is its title, a blatant refusal to shy away from the theme which lies within.' British Theatre Guide

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