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ISBN: 9781840028089
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The Family Plays

Joakim Pirinen, Natalia Vorozhbit

Translated by Gregory Motton, Sasha Dugdale
PaperBack (05 Dec 2007)
Two plays from opposite ends of Europe, each depicting family life: both slyly subversive, both quietly terrifying.
In The Good Family by Swedish writer Joakim Pirinen, we are comfortably off, sexually satisfied, liberal, liberated and pretty much perfect. Everything is wonderful and probably always will be.
In The Khomenko Family Chronicles by Ukranian writer Natalia Vorozhbit, two parents tell their bedbound son the romantic tale of how they met and married - a light-hearted stroll down memory lane that takes us past Chernobyl and the Twin Towers.

Translated by leading British playwright Gregory Motton and poet Sasha Dugdale, they were first performed as The Family Plays: A Double Bill at the Royal Court in 2007.

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ISBN13 9781840028089
Binding PaperBack
Page Extent 64