Page extent: 96
ISBN: 9781840028539
Binding: PaperBack

The English Game

Richard Bean

PaperBack (09 May 2008)
"I've wasted the whole of my life playing this game. It's claimed my knees and it occupies every spare synapse in my brain. I'm not even sure I like it anymore..."

The Nightwatchmen: an amateur London cricket team, making up for in enthusiasm what they lack in ability. As they gather on a sunny Sunday to face Bernard and his ethnically diverse and highly talented squad, Will, Thiz, Clive and their team-mates spend the day smoking, drinking tea and discussing love, politics and the correct interpretation of the LBW law...

Richard Bean's comedy toured with Headlong Theatre throughout May 2008.

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ISBN13 9781840028539
Binding PaperBack
Page Extent 96