Page extent: 88
ISBN: 9781786820709
Binding: PaperBack

The Convert

Danai Gurira

PaperBack (12 Jan 2017)

A young Shona girl escapes an arranged marriage by converting to Christianity, becoming a servant and student to an African Evangelical. As anti-European sentiments spread throughout the native population, she is forced to choose between her family’s traditions and her newfound faith. 


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ISBN13 9781786820709
Binding PaperBack
Page Extent 88


'The Convert is enough to give historical drama a good name...Danai Gurira’s play wallops down with force... There is nothing dry about it: it is full-blooded, with a dash of melodrama, hitting out in several directions.' The Guardian ★★★★

'Danai Gurira's astonishing follow up to 'Eclipsed' never leaves a drawing room in colonial Rhodesia - but it's agonisingly tense, and the stakes are huge... Gurira's play never shows us the white settlers: its skill is in showing us how seamlessly their cultural norms impose themselves over an ancient society, suffocating rituals and tearing families apart. You could imagine director Christopher Haydon's production unfolding in a space ten times bigger than his tiny Gate Theatre: it's lip-chewingly tense, and achieves the tough task of making the Gurira's meticulously researched use of mangled Queen's English or animist rituals feel natural, not exoticised or laughable. You're left a bit breathless, a bit startled, a bit in awe at how one play can hold so many contradictions in balance.' Time Out ★★★★★

'Skilful look at the turbulence of colonialism... Gurira’s writing is dense and demanding.' Evening Standard ★★★★

'The Convert deals with its subject with delicacy, intelligence and nuance... The characters are all vividly drawn... There’s a linguistic richness to the writing too... it wears its research remarkably lightly; it never feels like a lesson, and it grips... Ambitious and richly written play full of vividly drawn characters, captivatingly performed.' The Stage ★★★★

'Supremely relevant right now in a world where immigrants and invading troops pour back and forth across the world's borders in search of freedom, identity, power, survival, acceptance. See it and understand.' - Joyce Kulhawik/

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