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ISBN: 9781840027853
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The Christ of Coldharbour Lane

Oladipo Agboluaje

PaperBack (31 May 2007)

'Brixton... A great spillover of excessive dreams. Anonymous masses… All of you are dancers of the dying beat. I come with the strong arm to ignite the rhythm, to drive again your passion for life.'

A revolutionary preacher begs the crowds to 'abandon the wilful peace' that keeps them down. He tries to make them believe that things could be different. But when people pray only for a brand new car or a large KFC bucket, the citizens of Brixton need a miracle to happen…

The Christ of Coldharbour Lane premiered at the Soho Theatre in May 2007.

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ISBN13 9781840027853
Binding PaperBack
Page Extent 96