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The Big Life

Paul Sirett, Paul Joseph, Philip Hedley

PaperBack (17 Apr 2004)
Think about it. Think what you could achieve without women in your life. If all the time you spent on them, you spent on yourself. Think how much money you could save. Think how much aggravation you could avoid.

Journeying over from the West Indies to England, Ferdy, Lennie, Dennis and Bernie are all eager to make successes of themselves and take full advantage of what they think The Big Life has to offer. So they pledge to abstain from women for three years.
But Mary, Kathy, Zuleika and Sybil have other ideas. They know that man cannot live by bread alone! Will the men stick with their idea of The Big Life, or will Cupid have the final say?

The Big Life is a brand new musical, a wonderfully upbeat story of unrequited love and a great comedy all rolled into one. It was produced at the Theatre Royal Stratford East, April 2004.

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ISBN13 9781840024418
Binding PaperBack
Page Extent 96