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ISBN: 9781783198856
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The 14th Tale

Inua Ellams

PaperBack (06 Aug 2015)

1988: at four-years-old, he short-circuited his home with a silver spoon and a Betamax video player.

1989: stopped a 700-strong student assembly with a tantrum.

1995: was chased through jungle growth by a crazed, frustrated French teacher called Monsieur Batcock...Misfit? Apparently – until a little family research reveals a pattern of mischief reaching as far back as a great grandfather, and so the story begins:

I'm from a long line of trouble makers, of ash skinned Africans, born with clenched fists and a natural thirst for battle only quenched by breast milk. They'd suckle as if the white silk sliding between gums were liquid peace treaties from mums. The 14th Tale is a beautiful mellifluous narrative that tells the hilarious exploits of a natural born mischief, growing from the clay streets of Nigeria to rooftops in Dublin and finally to London by award-winning writer and performer Inua Ellams.

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ISBN13 9781783198856
Binding PaperBack
Page Extent 64


'A sharp reminder of the power of language and rhythm' The Scotsman

'original, experimental, beautiful' Culture Wars

'Ellams’s poetry is smooth enough to melt in the ear, yet packed full of snap, crackle and pop. Accompanied by a fluid but simple movement score, his words conjure vivid cartoonish images imbued with both atmosphere and detail.' Time Out

'It’s a story of Inua’s past we’re hearing, laid bare before us; open and intensely immersive...The 14th Tale is dark, moody, brilliant and completely relatable. Life’s memories should be cherished, retold and Inua Ellams captures his perfectly. Truly commendable.' The 405