ISBN: 9781783190751
Binding: PaperBack


Jean-Baptiste Poquelin Molière

Translated by Chris Campbell

When the seemingly perfect Tartuffe ingratiates himself with the wealthy Orgon and his mother Madame Pernelle, he is soon welcomed into their home and into their lives. His combination of charm, respectability and religious authority proves so irresistible that he is eventually promised the hand of Orgon’s daughter in marriage. But the rest of Orgon’s family have grave doubts – is there more to Tartuffe than meets the eye? When the threat of eviction for the family and imprisonment for Orgon become apparent, is it all too late to find out? This hilarious and irreverent whirlwind of lies, religious hypocrisy and family feuds features one of theatre’s most perfect comedy creations, the beguiling Tartuffe.

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ISBN13 9781783190751
Binding PaperBack


' excellent new translation...Full marks all round here – I haven’t laughed so much since One Man, Two Guv’nors and I’d certainly speak of Tartuffe very happily in the same breath. Fast, furious and fabulously funny.' Five Stars - The Good Review

'It is good fun and I suspect old Moliere might have enjoyed the theatricality of the thing.' Four Stars - Daily Mail

"The unwritten rule of translating comedy, according to Chris Campbell, is that if you lose a laugh here and there, you are allowed to add one elsewhere. His witty, up-to-date translation is the strong foundation of this gloriously funny production" - The Stage

'It feels as fresh as ever... a triumph.' Four Stars - Birmingham Mail 

'A perfect antidote to a wet November evening...a very funny translation.' - The Public Reviews