Page extent: 240
ISBN: 9781840025996
Binding: PaperBack

Journey of the Tall Horse: A Story of African Theatre

Mervyn Millar

PaperBack (01 Oct 2005)

With its mix of magnificent puppets, live actors, captivating costumes and evocative music, video projection and dance, Tall Horse has enchanted theatregoers worldwide. This spectacular production is the result of an exceptional meeting between South Africa’s Handspring Puppet Company and Mali’s Sogolon Puppet Troupe.

Assistant Director Mervyn Millar had unique access to the production, from development workshops through rehearsals to the first performances for the world tour.
This publication includes photographs of the production and a playscript of Tall Horse by Khephra Burns.

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ISBN13 9781840025996
Binding PaperBack
Page Extent 240


A cast of characters so full of life that they take us by our cynical hands and lead us from our conditioned reality to a new universe of magic and illusion.
Sunday Telegraph.