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ISBN: 9781849430319
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Tactical Questioning: Scenes from the Baha Mousa Inquiry

Richard Norton-Taylor

PaperBack (02 Jun 2011)

On 14 September 2003, at the Haitham Hotel in Basra, Iraq, Baha Mousa and nine others were arrested by the British Army as suspected insurgents. Two days later Baha Mousa was dead. A post-mortem examination revealed that he had suffered from asphyxiation, and had received at least 93 injuries to his body whilst in the Army’s custody. In 2008 the Secretary of State for Defence announced a PublicInquiry into Baha Mousa’s death and the treatment of those detained with him.

Tactical Questioning brings together scenes from the Public Inquiry which examined the shocking events that took placeover those two days of detention, and the British Army’s policies towards the treatment of detainees.This production coincides with the publishing of the Inquiry’s findings in Summer 2011.

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ISBN13 9781849430319
Binding PaperBack
Page Extent 96


“Chilling yet compelling drama… The words, in every possible way, speak for themselves.” – Evening Standard

“Compelling… The facts have the power to shock.” – The Guardian

“The Tricycle’s “tribunal” dramas are rightly renowned… we engage as spectators not of art or entertainment, but of politics and public misfeasance: as citizens, in fact.” – Financial Times

“Maybe you know something about the case, maybe you don’t. Maybe you were pro the war, maybe anti. In any event, you need to see (and someone really should televise) Tactical Questioning” – The Daily Telegraph