ISBN: 9781783190515
Binding: PaperBack

Summer Day's Dream

J B Priestley


"I spent more than half my life, when I ought to have been enjoying myself, arguing and planning and running around like a maniac, all to sell a lot of things to people I didn't know, so that I could buy a lot of things that I didn't have time to use. Sheer lunacy. And it took nothing less than an atom bomb to blow me out of it.”

Following a devastating nuclear war which has seen Britain bombed back into the pre-industrial past, Stephen Dawlish and his family live a quiet rural life. Until their quiet, agrarian existence is disrupted by the appearance of three representatives of the New World Order – an American, a Russian and an Indian – who have devastating plans that will end their new peaceful way of life forever...

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ISBN13 9781783190515
Binding PaperBack


“A strangely compelling play from the heart of an anguished romantic.... also uncannily topical at a time when Britain is being forced to ask whether its real influence lies in its cultural values rather than its militaristic posturing. ” - Guardian

“A well-constructed and well-timed revival, and inspires questions in the audience of what exactly our place is in global society, and it is certainly immensely enjoyable" - A Younger Theatre