Page extent: 304
ISBN: 9781840020625
Binding: PaperBack

Strindberg: Volume One

August Strindberg, Gregory Motton

Translated by Gregory Motton
PaperBack (27 Oct 2000)

Includes the plays Miss Julie, The Father, The Comrades and Creditors

Miss Julie is Strindberg’s best known play, a naturalistic drama about an affair which involves a brutal struggle for ascendancy between the two sexes and two classes. The Father, an almost entirely one-sided rage against the power of women over men, is also a plea for the feminine side of a man’s nature. The Comrades portrays artists living in Paris in what they consider to be a modern ‘bohemian’ marriage. In Creditors, Strindberg is in rare comic form, describing how a woman’s ex-husband gains her new husband’s confidences, only to destroy him and his faith in his wife in one afternoon.

Cast sizes are 3+, 8, 3, and 11 respectively.

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ISBN13 9781840020625
Binding PaperBack
Page Extent 304