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ISBN: 9781840024678
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The Stonewatcher

János Hay

Translated by Phil Porter
PaperBack (15 Jun 2004)

Géza is an autistic twenty-five-year-old living with his mother in a small village. Everyone around him wishes him well, and his old friends even hire him to work in a quarry to give some meaning to his life. But since none of them can understand the rules of his special, closed universe, their well-intentioned actions almost destroy him.

János Hay's play, partly influenced by Beckett, is written in a simple, ballad-like style, in a freshly minted language that is laced with a unique brand of humour. This version is from a literal translation by László Bíró and László Upor and is part of the National Theatre's Channels (Hungary) season of rehearsed readings performed in the Cottesloe Theatre in June 2004.

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ISBN13 9781840024678
Binding PaperBack
Page Extent 96