Page extent: 72
ISBN: 9781786826947
Binding: Paperback
Female Cast: 2

Still No Idea

Lee Simpson, Rachael Spence, Lisa Hammond

Paperback (31 Oct 2018)

Best mates Lisa and Rachael are making a new show almost a decade after they created their first piece together.

Back then they had no idea where to start so they went onto the streets and asked the public. What story should they tell? What characters should they play? When they saw Lisa in a wheelchair and Rachael not, what the public said was funny, jaw-dropping and ultimately heartbreaking. They made a show about it. It was called No Idea.

Now people say the world has changed and things are looking up. There are more disabled people in the mainstream media, Lisa landed a big part on TV and disabled mates are getting regular auditions – happy days. So what kind of exciting stories are the TV professionals dreaming up for them?

Still No Idea is the whole story (so far): the British public, the professional writers, the TV execs. Part verbatim theatre, part improv, part comedy sketch show, this is a raucous and mischievous exposé of good intentions gone bad and how sometimes no matter how hard we try, we still have absolutely no idea.

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ISBN13 9781786826947
Female cast 2
Binding Paperback
Page Extent 72


'A lucid, delightfully ironic and politically piercing 80 minutes that combine comedy, honesty and protest to distinctive effect... we need, they conclude, to learn to imagine better – a skill that this lovely show exemplifies as it conjures from thin air its laughter, sadness and cogent argument.' The Guardian ★★★★

'Brilliant, radically honest... splinters some of the myths surrounding modern life and disability... [a] hypocrisy-smashing new show about disability that's hilarious, clever and depressingly vital viewing for 2018.' The Stage ★★★★

'[No] lazy attitude towards disability [is left] un-skewered in this eye-opening 80 minutes.' Evening Standard ★★★★

'A meditation not just on the treatment and perception of disability within the arts, but also within the wider, post-austerity Britain... begin[s] with whimsy and end[s] with startling clarity... essential viewing.' WhatsOnStage ★★★★

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