ISBN: 9781783191994
Binding: PaperBack

State Red

Atiha Sen Gupta


'You have to realise your decisions have consequences not only for you but for all of us – most of all your father!

It’s late. Richard and Joyce have just returned home from the House of Lords – another boozy, gruelling but important social event that further cements Richard’s chance of being promoted to Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police.

To their astonishment, and relief, they find their estranged son, Luke, fast asleep on the sofa. After a year’s absence – and with only one email letting them know he was safe – where has he been? More importantly, why has he come back? And will Luke’s demons play hell with Richard’s promotion?

Atiha Sen Gupta’s fiery family drama challenges the ‘family always comes first’ ethos and boldly confronts the fissures in our modern multicultural society that infiltrate through to the highest ranks.

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ISBN13 9781783191994
Binding PaperBack