Page extent: 88
ISBN: 9781783193356
Binding: PaperBack

Can I Start Again Please

Sue MacLaine

PaperBack (01 Feb 2016)

A bold new work by Sue MacLaine about our cognitive capacity to process traumatic experience and the ability of language to represent it. Winner of a Total Theatre award for 'Innovation & Playing with Form' and recommended for the British Council showcase at the Edinburgh Festival 2015.

The play explores how possible the cognition and articulation of traumatic and private experience is. A hymn to resilience, this personal and political piece spars across the heard and the unheard, the spoken and the unspoken, and contemplates what the act of trying to tell really entails.

Written in English and in British Sign Language, the two languages and two scripts work both in opposition and in harmony to test and stretch the capacities of language.

Edition includes English as well as British Sign Language script.

Additional Information

ISBN13 9781783193356
Binding PaperBack
Page Extent 88


"devastatingly good" Lyn Gardner, The Guardian ★★★★ 

"gracefully intelligent" "You emerge wondering how a staging so kind can be so devastating" The Sunday Times ★★★★

"This is a clever, and cleverly constructed, show. Go with brain engaged, ready to make meaning." The Independent ★★★★ 

"the show is marked by a formal beauty but with something much deeper, fiercer and ultimately poignant lodged at the core" "Delicate, perhaps, but devastating" The Times ★★★★

"an extraordinarily eloquent piece...burning with anger, yet beautifully choreographed and powerfully controlled" The Stage ★★★★★ 

"A beautiful examination of the power of language and the language of power" The List ★★★★

"This profound and poetic piece—almost a performance sculpture—makes a start." Fest ★★★★