ISBN: 9781783191833
Binding: PaperBack

Sommer 14: A Dance of Death

Rolf Hochhuth, Gwynne Edwards


‘Wars do not break out, they are not brokered or declared as is always written. They are brought about by those who desire them.’

In June 1914, Europe was enjoying unprecedented peace and prosperity. Little over a month later, the world was at war – and only a handful of people knew it was happening. Inspired by the medieval mystery plays Sommer 14 – A Dance of Death is an epic telling from a German and European perspective of the world's descent into war. Employing the character of Death as a guide, the play uses the classic Danse Macabre structure of a series of searing vignettes to illuminate the people and the events that led up to the outbreak of the First World War.

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ISBN13 9781783191833
Binding PaperBack


‘Amid the welter of shows about the First World War, Rolf Hochhuth's play is something of a rarity: an epic mix of history lesson, expressionist drama and Germanic Oh! What a Lovely War...Hochhuth has lost none of his capacity for controversy…offers a fascinating portrait of the inexorable march towards war.’ Michael Billington, Guardian

‘The events leading up to the Great War are given an epic treatment in this new play...Part theatre, part historical pageant, this translation offers an intriguing perspective on the nature and nurture of war.’  Stage

‘It is a fascinating exposition of little known material that feels like a verbatim drama dosed with surrealism and presented in a Brechtian manner … Piece by piece Hochhuth assembles the disparate evidence of all those acts that those in control exploited in their determination to go to war and reorder Europe to their own advantage, a fascinating unfolding that gives us privileged access to the reality of history.’ British Theatre Guide

‘It’s wholly engaging to read’ Time Out London

‘It’s in the writing’s most restrained moments… that play and production really hit home.’ The Times