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Solomon and Marion

Lara Foot


Over the years, Marion has watched her life drain away. Children and husband gone, she ekes out her life in a country utterly transformed. But it’s the only home she has. As the new South Africa prepares for the World Cup finals, old divisions and suspicions seem as deep as ever, and the intruder she has been expecting, dreading and needing, arrives. Will true reconciliation turn darkness into hope?

Solomon and Marion is a brand new play from an award winning South African writer, and it recently won the Fleur Du Cap Awardfor Best New South African Play.

Foot is Artistic Director of the Baxter Theatre Centre and has won a bevy of South African theatre accolades. Foot has put most of her energy into helping other playwrights and theatre-makers realise their work, and she has nurtured several dozen new South African plays to their first staging. This includes producing the international hit Mies Julie written and directed by Yael Farber. Her own hard-hitting plays tackle social issues and have laid barethe brutality and sickening frequency of child rape in South Africa; Tshepang (2002) was based on a real event, the alleged gang rape of a nine-month-old baby by six men in a remote, impoverished community. Foot used refined, ironic humour to sketch a portrait of the community, then turned everyday objects into symbols with horrific poetic effect. Karoo Moose (2007) returned to the subject of child rape and a rural town — a shattered, forsaken community where ‘there are no fathers’. A 15-year-old girl is sold for sex to pay off the gambling debts of her jobless and spiritually crushed father,‘an opportunist with no opportunities’. And in Solomon and Marion, Foot explores the cruelty of the meaningless murders which betray her country. Hear and Now, Karoo Moose and Tshepang are also published by Oberon Books.

Winner of the Fleur Du Cap Award for Best New South African Play

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ISBN13 9781849435079
Binding PaperBack
Page Extent 96


‘Deeply compassionate and resolutely unsentimental’ – The Times

‘Lara Foot is a South African playwright and director, and this tense, entertaining and moving two-hander, first performed in Edinburgh in 2013, is a knockout.’ – Observer

‘A small but mighty, serious but never po-faced, moving but also amusing, two-hander’. – Mail on Sunday

‘It’s a short drama but its emotional impact is potent and long-lasting.’ - Spectator

'Tense, entertaining and moving... rises above expectation, victimhood and South African history.' Guardian

'Genius colliding is the overwhelming sense one is left with after watching this' Cape Times

‘Dame Janet Suzman is outstanding in this deeply troubling but absolutely necessary play’ Dominic Cavendish

‘It’s not the surprises – such as they are – that count so much as the shading, each character is exquisitely realised in script and performance. These two misfits reach across the generational and racial divide for an understanding that’s not sentimentalised – they’re united by a gallows humour and joint mystification at the downward drift of their country. Where once South African theatre gave voice to hope amid the darkness, the song it sings nowadays is of a profound disillusion.’ Daily Telegraph

‘Janet Suzman, no less, plays a feisty, indomitable widowed granny, Marion, writing to her daughter in Australia from the home she refuses to leave in the South African outback... Lara Foot's production of her own play is a lyrical, reconciliatory message from the "new" South Africa… deeply touching and optimistic’ What’s On Stage

‘Lara Foot Newton has the ability to portray South African interior and exterior landscapes with the clarity and eye for detail and dialogue which are Fugardian.’ Tracy Saunders

Solomon and Marion is an intensely human play that focuses on one relationship that challenges our view of tolerance, compassion and surviving violence and grief.’ Melbourne Herald Sun