Page extent: 88
ISBN: 9781849433976
Binding: PaperBack

So Great a Crime

David Gooderson


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Well‐loved national hero, or predatory paedophile? So Great a Crime tells the true story of "Fighting Mac" – Sir Hector MacDonald – who rose from humble beginnings as a crofter's son through the ranks of the British Army to become a knight of the realm, hero of the Battle of Omdurman and Queen Victoria’s favourite general. His active soldiering days over, he was appointed General Officer Commanding in Ceylon (now Sri Lanka),but soon finds himself in conflict with the high born elite who run the colony. Allegations of liaisons with young boys surface and MacDonald is forced to return home. Rather than face acourt martial, he shoots himself in a Paris hotel. But was he guilty? Or was he the victim of a plot fabricated by an English Establishment, motivated by jealousy and snobbery, at a Gaelic‐speaking upstart who got above himself? A fascinating journey into an unsolved historical mystery...

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ISBN13 9781849433976
Binding PaperBack
Page Extent 88



'a tragic thriller full of contemporary resonances… A brilliant polemic against our cruel desire to prejudge sexual scandals… Some bright young button at the BBC should scoot along to the Finborough and snap up this script.' – Spectator

 'intense and thought-provoking' – UK Theatre Network