Page extent: 104
ISBN: 9781849430289
Binding: PaperBack


Douglas Maxwell, D.C. Jackson, Johnny McKnight

PaperBack (15 Feb 2011)

Something has been put in the water. Things are about to get a whole lot crazy. And you decide how it ends...

Smalltown is the new dynamic comedy written by leading Scots writers Douglas Maxwell, D.C. Jackson and Johnny McKnight. It tells the unexpected tales of what happens when a polluted water supply causes extraordinary events to happen to ordinary people - from Zombies in the frozen food aisle, to oversexed teenagers releasing the animal within, to a dangerous game of Russian Roulette on Girvan beach. The show has three possible endings. You, the audience, vote on which ending you want, making for a truly memorable evening of entertainment. Smalltown - expect the unexpected!

A thrilling and downright hilarious rollercoaster of a show from the company that brought you the five-star Promises Promises and the Little Johnny trilogy.

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ISBN13 9781849430289
Binding PaperBack
Page Extent 104


“A deliriously funny two-hander… everyone went home with the kind of daft grin you get from eating too many sweets.” – The Guardian

“A blast of saucy seaside postcard humour, a romp through Ayrshire dialect and a sideways swipe at the classic zombie movie… The humour is bawdy, and the cast shift roles with aplomb. Random Accomplice demonstrate their versatility and their clear connection to the west coast, creating a cheerful chase through Ayrshire’s hidden treasures.” – The Stage